The Benefits of Joining Professional Organizations Such as the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects is among the leading professional organizations. As a leading professional organization, the American Institute of Architects provides professionals with a number of benefits that can greatly enhance their career. Any architect who chooses to join this organization will have the opportunity to engage in networking, job hunting, education and building their professional reputation. The American Institute of Architects will help professionals find others in the field that can help them land better jobs as well as give them enhanced credibility among their peers. Being a member of this organization will also help them increase their knowledge as well. Therefore, membership of this organization is one of the most beneficial things that any architect can have.


There are a number of people who currently run the American Institute of Architects. One of the top administrators of this professional organization is Robert Ivy. He is the current chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. As the chief executive officer, Robert Ivy is in charge of organizing events as well as introducing new programs to help architectural professionals. Along with organizing events and introducing programs, Robert is also responsible for managing the entire organization and making decisions on many things such as general operations. While serving as the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert has proven to be a valuable asset for its overall growth all over the world.


Robert Ivy has had a long career in the architecture field. After completing a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University, Robert began his career as an architecture writer for top publications. This allowed him to frequently compose a number of articles about the most important developments in the field. While at this position, he was able to establish himself as a leading expert in the field and provide people in the architecture community with a lot of valuable knowledge. Later in his career, Robert Ivy worked in editing where he would decide on which articles to publish. This allowed him to continue providing individuals in the architecture community with important knowledge of many issues concerning the architecture field.

Juan OG Perez’s 50th Birthday Big Plus For Jayz’s Cognac Brand

Juan OG Perez is a close friend of Hip Hop Magnet Jayz. In June this year, Jayz threw a party to celebrate his friend’s birthday. Juan celebrated his 50th birthday, and this was recognized by his close friend and business partner by shelling about $113,000. The party included a small group of friends like the President of the Roc Nation Sports. The lavish party was too exclusive such that there was a price tag of $13 per dinner set and some more $9000 for drinks. OG Perez and Jayz started the partying together with their wives in midtown at the famous Japanese restaurant known as Zuma.

Sushi and Lobster made the night, and it is rumored that the restaurant made a whopping $13000 for just a simple meal. And when it was time to get a good club to pass away the night, the group trouped to a Mexican club known as Inwood. Sources indicate that the music moguls spent another $9000 on liquor. Their favorite drink certainly being Cognac. Here, Perez birthday soared, and the friends ended up at Playroom Nightclub and ordered 40 bottles of champagne at $91,000. This is mind-blowing. Right? Such a price would perhaps buy you an island.

Later in the night, the group is reported to have split. Perez, Jayz and some other friends remained at Playroom while the rest of the squad headed to another nightclub where it is rumored that they spent a whopping $74000 on Gold Champagne. The separate squad is said to have shared a photo of their bill on snap chat. Twitter was also awash with the news. Many followers felt that this was extraordinary opulence or some sort of conspiracy. Jayz is reportedly said to have passed the night enjoying his own brand of the Champagne. The crew must have spent heavily, and Jayz must have made a tidy sum that night in a very smart way.

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“Equities First Holdings French Tribune Article Recap”

Successful trading company Equities First Holdings is a popular lender. Known for their dedication towards borrowers seeking to better themselves. As a matter of fact, they were featured in a 2017 article by the French Tribune. It is titled “Equities First Holdings Thrives: UK Transaction Update and 15th Anniversary Statistics”, giving readers a better understanding of the trade-based loan company. Stating that the London based lender has completed over 700 personal transactions. Which is due to their global expansion throughout different parts of the world. Equities First Holdings now have locations in Australia, the United States of America and China. The French Tribune also mentions the 15th anniversary of their parent company that’s based in America. Which helped them to lend more than 1 billion U.S. dollars to borrowers within the past 4 years.

Drew Madden And Insightful Thoughts Regarding The Healthcare Industry’s Future In 2018 Related To Information Technology

Innovation is an important part of business, governance, and virtually everything associated with living. The same can especially be said for the healthcare industry, as innovative products, treatments, medicines, and methods of operation have helped countless people live healthier lives for longer periods than otherwise available.


Brushed on below are a handful of current trends in healthcare’s integrally related field of information technology, used to store and transfer countless petabytes of information across the world.


For some years, tough – even seemingly routine – diagnoses have been aided by advanced software that physicians use to aid their decision-making processes. Such programs are often more accurate at diagnosing patients than traditional, hands-on, solely-physician-assisted form of practicing medicine that’s dominated the field since the beginning of medicinal practice, at least for the majority of health conditions.


Medical professionals are increasingly implementing devices connected to the World Wide Web and their practices’ and hospitals’ private IT infrastructure networks to more effectively keep up with pertinent data. Heart rates, weights, and time stamps can be added without having to manually jot down, record, or export data to outside sources throughout their respective facilities. See Related Link to learn more.


Analytical tools are slated to get better at predicting health problems in consumers using nothing more than online pharmacies’ web pages, something that’s already been taking place throughout India.


Mr. Healthcare IT’s Education And Working Background


Mr. Drew Madden is currently a managing partner with Evergreen Healthcare Partners, among four others holding congruent positions and ownership stakes, where he’s been since 2016. Prior to landing an opening at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Mr. Drew Madden was the president of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011 to 2016, multiplying its annual revenue by a factor of 130 – from $1 to $130 million – with his executive reign starting just one year after he was hired at the technological consulting business.


Drew Madden also attended the University of Iowa in pursuit of a bachelor’s-level industrial engineering degree, which he was awarded with a focus in medical systems, appropriately preparing him for employment as a consultant in information technology as related to the healthcare sector.



Drew Madden Knows A Lot About This Thing Called Healthcare IT

Today’s society is one of the fastest-changing of all time, thanks entirely to technology, ranging from the advanced modernity of motor vehicles, all the way to constantly-upgrading smartphones used for seemingly everything.


Healthcare also changes rapidly, although out of necessity, not to sell more products for pure profit, like we see in the modern technology industry. Here are some of the current-most trends in the world of healthcare and the infrastructure of information technology that will expand explosively in 2018, and further years to come.


Digital Healthcare In General


Digital healthcare refers to all modern integrations of advanced technological devices to get the job done, whatever that particular obligation might be. One such manifestation is the advent of surgical robots, allowing physicians to be more accurate in their incisions, sutures, and everything in between.


Another benefit of expensive, multi-armed surgical robots is to operate on people around the world; as long as surgical physicians have Internet access in front of them and on robots’ ends, they are able to operate on people in virtually every location on planet Earth.


Digital Pharmaceutical Storefronts Helping Patients With Predictions


Predictive analytical tools have been used in medicine for some time, just not to the extent they’re being relied upon today. Digital pharmacies around the world are now informing consumers of potential health problems they might suffer from. But how? Find Additional Information Here.


If people visit pharmacies in person, their prescription medications are taken note of and tied to their profiles online. That, combined with things they’re ordering through digital pharmacies’ eCommerce interfaces, are used to provide companies’ customers with recommendations to visit doctors and ask certain questions, as the medicine they buy over digital countertops could be better replaced with various cocktails from certified, educated, licensed medical physicians.


Drew Madden sure knows a lot about the digital healthcare field, particularly that of healthcare’s information technology collective infrastructure. He’s worked for Nordic Consulting Partners for most of the past decade, boosting its annual total sales receipts by 130 times – from $1 to $130 million – and is currently at Evergreen Healthcare Partners.


Drew Madden started his career as a student advisor at the University of Iowa. He later got a job at Cerner Corporation, a healthcare company. He was the integrating consultant at the company for four years. In this corporation, Drew Madden got several certifications in modules such as Emar and PharmNet.