Handy Makes it Easier

The road has not always been easy for people who have chosen the home cleaning business as their career. They were not always able to find clients easily and they often had to rely on word of mouth to get the information out about their company. This was exhausting and caused a lot of cleaners to give up prematurely. It was something that they had a tough time with and the creators of Handy recognized that this was a struggle that many housekeepers went through when they were a part of the house cleaning industry and business.

Handy knew that people needed more solutions when it came to finding the clients that they needed to make their house cleaning business thrive. This was something that the company wanted to do and something that they knew needed to happen when it came time for the different things that were on the areas that they were in. There were many options that people had when it came time to find clients that they needed. Handy made it easy for house cleaners to list their services and to show off exactly what they had to offer people when it came to cleaning the houses.

There are many people who may not know how to find a house cleaner. It is not as simple as finding a new grocery store or even someone to repair things in their home. It takes a lot of research and even some references for people to be able to find the house cleaner that they need. Handy has that. The site allows house cleaners to offer their specials and what they are able to do. They can do this right alongside the testimonials from previous clients that would serve as references for potential clients looking for a house cleaner.

Handy.com has not only been able to help a lot of other people, they have also been able to help themselves. The success that they have seen in the service industry has allowed them to grow. With over one million bookings per week, they are making enough money to make sure that their business is growing. This has allowed them the chance to make sure that things are changing and that things are going to get better. They plan to make sure that they are doing different things and that they will be able to grow to a different point.