Amicus Therapeutics Develops a Drug for an Orphan Disease

Amicus Therapeutics is one the largest public American biopharmaceutical company; it is located in Cranbury, New Jersey. The company went public in 2007, and it was listed under the NASQAD, its current trade is FOLD. Amicus Therapeutics mainly focuses on rare and orphan diseases and specifically on disorders known as lysosomal storage disorder. Most of these orphan diseases affect less than 200, 000 people within the United States. However, only a few of the companies have the right technology and research capability to venture into this field, and Amicus Therapeutics is among them ( The company performance is exemplary, and it has consistently been able to offer jaw-dropping returns for the last few years.


Amicus Therapeutics leading drug product is migalastat HCL which sells under the brand name Galafold. The drug has been selling in the United States, and it was recently approved for commercialization in the EU in May last year. The drug is used to treat a rare disease called Fabry which is approximated to affect 5000 patients worldwide. The company recent approval to the EU countries is a sign of possible expansion into these countries (GoogleFinance). Amicus Therapeutics, collaboration with respected firms such as GlaxoSmithKline and JCR Pharmaceutical to help in researching on co-formulation and recombinant raised the company’s credibility and reputation. Today, the company has a second research facility in San Diego.


The current Chief Executive Officer of Amicus Therapeutics is John F. Crowley. He is an American biotechnology and the founder of Amicus Therapeutics. He also co-founded Novazyme Pharmaceuticals together with William Canfield before it was acquired by Genzyme Corporation. He is an author and inspiration to many individuals within the industry mainly due to his contribution. He is leadership skills are emulated by both business and political communities. In 2008 he was summoned to run for the Republican nomination for U.S Senate in New Jersey, but he declined due to family and other obligations mandated to him. He identifies, develops and empowers local communities to improve their well-being. He has been involved in championing different policies regarding public health care.