The Shea Butter Moisturizer for Healthy Hairs and Skin


The importance of shea butter cannot be understated. It is not only good for your skin but can also transform your hair strands too. There are no doubt oils good hair conditioners, but other natural emollients like shea butter are just as amazing as well. Shea butter can be used for several purposes, but nothing can be compared to its hair benefits. It has many forms, however, the unrefined organic butter is better off than the refined form.


Shea butter has been used extensively as an external product for skin and hair. It contains vitamins, including vitamin E, which helps protect the scalp from drying. Its antioxidant properties promotes blood flow thus stimulating hair growth. Furthermore, the butter’s anti-inflammatory properties protects the scalp from bacteria and skin conditions such as psoriasis.


For one time usage, you can use two tablespoons of shea butter and two tablespoons of coconut oil. The mixture is heated thoroughly until the butter has melted. A tablespoon of honey is added to the mixture before it is applied to the hair. After that, it can be used to moisturize, detangle, or curl the hair into one’s own preferred style.


Family-run social enterprise Eu’Genia Shea is among the companies dedicated to shea butter moisturizers. The company was founded in 2014 by Naa Sakle Akuete with the help of her mother. Her mother has previously served as President of the Global Shea Alliance, and she uses her experience to give customers the best shea around.


The company produces all natural premium shea moisturizers which are specially designed to soothe dry skin, stretch marks, and body scars. The company mainly offers three products. They are Everyday Shea Butter, Pregnancy Shea Butter, and Dermatological Strength Shea Butter. The Pregnancy shea butter is used to treat stretch marks resulting from pregnancy. The Dermatological strength shea butter is used to moisturize dry hands or rough heels. It also treats conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. These products can be automatically purchased on a monthly basis with orders taking two business days to be delivered.

Doe Deere is a Rule Breaker

Bustle is helping its readers break all of the fashion and beauty rules. It just featured an article on Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. In the article, Deere is interviewed about her perspective on fashion and beauty rules that she says are begging to be broken. In her social media pictures as well as the featured pictures in the article, it is clear that Doe Deere has a talent for taking traditional standards and turning them on their head. Even her own hair color is off the beaten path. One thing about Deere’s personal look is for sure. Deere has the unique ability to make the unconventional still look cool and stylish.

One of the major beauty rules that Deere encourages readers to consider breaking is something all of us have been taught through traditional advertising and beauty tips for decades. The conventional wisdom is that it is way over the top to wear both a bold eye look and a bold lip at the same time. Deere says that this is just plan silly. Instead, she argues, just wear whatever makeup makes you feel fabulous. For Deere, this means finding complementary eye and lip looks and shades that work with her outfit and whatever mood she is in that way.

Doe Deere founded her makeup company after years of designing, sewing and selling her own clothes on the Internet to other aspiring fashionistas. Deere has always marched to the beat of her own drum and has never compromised her values in following her dreams or launching her career. In fact, for Deere, following her passion and succeeding at her career are one and the same pursuits. She was able to make a name for herself with an out-of-the-box makeup company because she was searching for makeup colors and options that could be paired with her unconventional fashion line. That is how Lime Crime was first created in 2008.

Since it was established, Deere has turned Lime Crime into an incredibly successful company tat gives adventurous women the opportunity to express themselves in a fun and authentic way. The shades introduced by Lime Crime continue to inspire major trends in the cosmetics industry, and the company is considered a pioneer in innovative makeup options. Deere is frequently consulted by major publications for her advice on beauty and fashion trends and maintains an active social media presence for her followers.

Makeup and Beauty News

Has medical science finally advanced to the point where they can tell us for sure whether brushing our hair really makes a difference? According to Cosmopolitan UK, brushing can make hair grow faster. At least that’s what someone said, and this statement was quoted in a recent article at Allure. According to the Cosmo source, using a boar bristle brush and brushing every day could stimulate the scalp and thus cause the hair to grow faster. Author Renee Jacques was just a little skeptical, though. Renee decided to get the straight dope and consulted an authority: Dr. Francesca Fusco, a New York City dermatologist who specializes in the scalp. What brushing does stimulate, Dr. Fusco insists, is blood circulation throughout the scalp and the effective distribution of sebum, which naturally lubricates the hair shaft. Good blood circulation is going to bring more nutrients to the scalp, where the hair follicle develops. And when hair is regularly brushed using a boar bristle brush, it’ll be healthier, shinier, and bouncier. But it won’t grow faster. Dr. Fusco’s words were seconded by Matt Fugate, a stylist at the Serge Normant salon in NYC. Matt repeated the importance of using a natural brush with soft boar bristles. So that settles it: brushing isn’t going to make hair grow faster, but a regular brushing regime will make it prettier and healthier.
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