The Diverse Interests of Jon Urbana Can’t Be Explained Too Easily

Even at his young age, Jon Urbana has offered up many different contributions to the city of Denver. Jon has quickly established himself as a member of an up-and-coming social elite within the city of Denver. Among his many different interests it would include many different business pursuits, a great interest in flying according to his personal website bio, wonderful charity videos, and many great activities related to the sport of lacrosse. Urbana’s camp, Next Level, is just one example of the work he’s done in the sport since he retired as a pro lacrosse player. Here is just a sampling of some of his many activities:

1. Flying career

Jon has established himself as an accomplished pilot. Urbana has been recognized by the FAA for completing a certain number of hours of training in order to set apart for the honor. Jon has been flying as a hobby for several years now.

2. Charity work

Urbana has been involved in a number of different charity activities, including Earth Force, which is an organization he started which works with troubled youth. Moreover, he has also been involved in a number of different GoFundMe campaigns in order to help with the pet population throughout the city of Denver.

3. Photography

Besides these other interests, Jon is also a professional photographer. He has developed many great methods for delivering tricky shots and has some rather unique subject matter. Some examples of his work can be found here.

4. Business pursuits

Finally, Mr. Urbana has had many different business pursuits since his success with Villanova’s lacrosse program. He is currently the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, which is a privately-held IPL and laser development firm.