Andy Wirth Talks About the Future

Recently in news, Andy Wirth sat down with KCRW radio with Madeleine Brand to talk about the drought that has been affecting the Tahoe Valley for years now. Andy Wirth is the current CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort and was able to give not only his professional, but also his personal opinion on the devastating affects of the drought.

The KCRW radio station was interested in listening to what Andy Wirth had to say due to the fact that he is a owned of a business that relies heavily on the amount of snow fall that is received each year.

The current drought has brought devastating affects to much of the West Coast. Not only are the domestic household affected, but also many business have had to shutdown or downgrade as a result of the lack of water. Water consumption is at a dismal low with the fear that this scarce resource will soon run out.

When interviewing Andy Wirth who is the President of this resort, the host of this radio show was fascinated to hear that Mr. Wirth had no fear whatsoever on the drought.

Despite the fact that ski resorts rely heavily on annual rainfall, Mr. Wirth added that this will give him and his employees a chance to adapt quickly and to form a new business strategy.

As an individual who has a passion for the outdoors as well as for business, Andy Wirth is excited to see where this new opportunity will take the company.

As an adaptable businessman, Andy Wirth has made plans to invest in new industries such as the snow making industry. With hundreds of ski resorts that could potentially go out of business due to the lack of snow, Andy Wirth believes that this new investment would actually bring in more clients as well as more revenue for the business.

In addition to this, the current resort has over 6,000 acres of usable land. With this amount of land, it is Andy Wirth’s belief that the ski resort will not be in trouble any time soon within the near future.

In addition to new investments in the snow making business, Andy Wirth and his team also plan to create new events that will tie the community and the visitors of the ski resort together.

During this interview, Mr. Wirth talked about the Summer events that take place at the ski resort which could be carried on throughout the winter.

What Andy Wirth plans to do in the event of no snow is to create new activities that will showcase the beautiful and peaceful region that the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is located in. Andy Wirth is not nervous at all about the future and is instead, excited.

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