Alex Hern Career And Tsunami XR

Technology has caused many changes in the way humans approach their surroundings. It has brought about plenty of positive changes including a lesser effort in work for us, quick and efficient transfer of information, faster production of goods and services and ease of communication through different computer-related gadgets, among others. In the pursuit for the next best technological products, the environment has faced a number of challenges making it less conducive for human life. As such, these challenges have created the need for man to develop a platform that provides the best experience while at the same time preserving the surroundings, computers and virtual reality.

Tsunami XR is one such company that develops devices and applications to sustain technological advancements. The company develops cloud collaborative products and services for a number of teams, globally. Their services range from visually rich and very interactive digital workspaces to complex 3D and CAD content. Tsunami’s devices and applications are developed in a way that they are portable across all other computer hardware devices. In virtual reality, the company services operate in augmented/ virtual reality gadgets. Tsunami XR also offers other services like security, mobility, Saas, digital media communication to other companies. The company is headed by a team of world-class leaders with plenty of experience in computer-related technologies, including Alex Hern.

Alex Hern has 25 years of experience in the field of computer technologies. He has worked for and with different tech companies, some of which he founded or co-founded. Before Tsunami XR, which was inspired by the migration from CPUs to GPUs, Alex Hern worked with different organizations with the main focus on incubation of technologies and early stages company. He was the founder of Onktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO which powered Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. He also co-founded Yesmail Alex brown led IPO system, a web directory, and email marketing company, where he served as the director. The firm was acquired ten months after it was established by CMGI for 650 million dollars. Alex Hern has also a co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Military commercial technologies.

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