Why YOU Need to Pay Attention to Organo Gold

Who is Organo Gold, you ask? Led by co-founders Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand, Organo Gold is a global network marketing company focused on changing lives by helping people to achieve balance and well-being through Organo Gold’s products and business opportunities. Organo Gold is a privately-owned corporation based out of Richmond, British Columbia that provides beverage, body management, and personal care products internationally. Since it’s origination in 2008, Organo Gold has built a strong network of over 400,000 independent distributors that operate in 50 countries on six continents. Read more at patch.com about Organo Gold.

The goal for Organo Gold is to capture 1% of the global coffee market, and the secret to their product lines comes from the Ganoderma mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), which has been used for over 2,000 years to support healthy immune systems. Organo Gold has harnessed the mushroom into Ganoderma powder, which is infused into Organo Gold products. Ganoderma powder provides antioxidants, immune-boosting properties and fiber for well-being.

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In addition to providing a variety of easy-to-mix, pre-portioned coffees and teas, meal replacements, dietary supplements, and personal care products, Organo Gold also believes strongly in philanthropy, and helps to build communities globally with the OG Cares Foundation. The goal of the OG Cares Foundation is to provide resources to at-risk youth world-wide that will help them develop strong leadership skills for the future. The OG Cares Foundation is focused on empowering at-risk youth around the globe by mentoring them to acquire the skills to become future leaders. Follow Organo Gold on Linkedin.com.


Nutrition seems to be on the minds of people more and more. This is likely due to concerns about weight management. As obesity rates climb in America more Americans are looking for solutions to the problem. Many people struggle to find accurate and helpful solutions to their weight management issues. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can greatly improve one’s overall life. It can help an individual have more energy as well as greater overall health. Further, by maintaining a healthy weight a person can live longer. There are many problems that arise when an individual decides to change their lifestyle to pursue a healthy weight. Many people struggle to find a balance between their busy lifestyle and the healthier habits they seek to establish.


On the Herbalife site and the article can be found that helps people find a way to estimate calories more accurately when out with friends. The article explains that as of May 2018 United States chain restaurants are required to have calorie counts on the menu. This change will make it far easier for an individual on the go to eat more wisely. These calorie counts are only estimates but they do allow consumers more information than they’ve had in years prior. The article also mentions an FDA claim that Americans tend to consume one-third of their overall calories from food prepared outside of their homes. The article also lists some common sense advice about being as informed as possible in regards to the food you eat.


The company Herbalife nutrition was established in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Marcuse began this journey by selling supplements out of the trunk of his car. This unconventional start was inspired by an unfortunate tragedy. His mother often took an unhealthy approach to weight management and Marcuse attributed her early death to this choice. He believed she had developed a serious eating disorder in order to encourage weight loss. Since the founding of his company

Herbalife has dedicated itself to changing their nutritional habits of all that they can. In the early days of the company, Mark Hughes began with protein checks. The shakes were designed to help people manage their weight. As the company grew Mark Hughes elected to structure the company in a direct selling multilevel marketing type of model. As of 2016 Herbalife employees, approximately 8000 people across the world and has reported net sales of $4.488 billion. Currently, Herbalife operates in 95 countries with 3.2 million independent distributors selling their products.



Ideas Bring Southridge Capital to the Forefront of the Banking Industry for Cryptocurrencies

There are very few people that have not heard about Bitcoin, which is owned by Southridge Capital. In fact, it’s unprecedented to find a major bank or accounting firm that isn’t looking into ways of how to understand cryptocurrencies better or to establish a blockchain-project of their own. However, despite the fact there has been a wide spread of media coverage and a variety of popularity regarding Bitcoin and its success, there is still an overwhelming amount of “unknowns.” A lot of people just don’t understand it, including U.S. Senator Thomas Carper of Delaware. When asked about Bitcoin, Senator Carper stated, “Virtual currencies, perhaps most notably Bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others, and confused the heck out of the rest of us.” You can visit southridgeholdingsllc.com



Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto and was actually the result of an explorative product from another invention. As it goes with most new things business, cryptocurrencies began to rise unexpectantly. The rise of a decentralized digital currency system is an innovative concept that provides a complete record and history of all currency transactions, including a balance of each account. Through a network, each transaction is confirmed after an established timeframe and then becomes a digital record, which is translated into a blockchain. Southridge Capital was founded by Steven Hicks, and Bitcoin has now become a digital gold standard for the cryptocurrency. With more than 200,000 transactions each day, Barclays, Citibank, Deutsche Bank and BNP Paribas are looking into various ways to incorporate Bitcoins into the banking infrastructure. Check out citybizlist.com for more.



Prior to Steven Hicks creating Southridge in 1996, he was working for a small hedge fund based in New York. The idea for creating the company came to Hicks while remaining with the hedge fund and being able to build on his experience, as the principal owner transitioned to Australia. He has a distinctive way of bringing ideas to the surface and experience is the number one factor. As an experienced entrepreneur with 30 years of investment and banking experience, Hicks is at his most productive when using a daily list for tasks and focusing on daily proceeds. He recently suggested there should be a “cryptocurrency channel” on a major network, with a panel discussion, as another business idea for the industry.



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Dierdre Baggot Explains More About Bundled Payment Innovation To Ideamensch

Deirdre Baggot is a healthcare system reformer and her work in bundled payments has helped many hospitals and health organizations run at higher efficiency levels and has made payments easier for patients. Ideamensch asked her some questions about what her life as a medical professional has been like and where she sees the future of medical technology going. Baggot told them one of the first times she ventured into medical innovation was when she was a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and she needed to figure out how to better organize her patient checklist. She rearranged the list and made sure she wasn’t overdoing work. Baggot says she’s most excited about wearable technology and how she believes that will help medical professionals with multitasking. Read More articles at acc.org to learn more.

Deirdre Baggot is the Vice President of the Camden Group, a bundled payment consulting firm based in Los Angeles. During her time there, she’s been designated to several administrative positions including being an expert reviewer for the Bundled Payments for Care as part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. In 2016 she was part of a team of medical payment reform experts who started introducing the bundled payment systems on a large scale while working with ECG Consultants.

Deirdre Baggot graduated from Southern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing just prior to starting at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Her next phase was completing a certificate in Health Care Executive Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School and then overseeing various functions at the University of Michigan’s health system. One of her first big accomplishments came when she was at Exempla St. Joseph and helped bring a cardiovascular services pilot program as part of the Acute Care Episode, a program that was exclusive to four health centers in the US. Deirdre Baggot has spoken at many health seminars and published over 20 papers in her field. Other positions she has held include being an advisor to the American Organization of Nurse Executives, Veterans Health Administration and she’s been a featured guest in media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Modern Healthcare and National Public Radio.



Impeccability: Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a man who always likes to work in the background. He is a man who gets a vision in his head and wants to execute that vision down to the last detail. He had an interest in the behind the scenes world of the music industry. He graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Technical production. After college, he had many different types of jobs. One of the more interesting ones was working on the production of Billy Graham television specials. In an interview with blogwebpedia.com, Clayton Hutson talks about his career and what he believes about people. 
Clayton Hutson is a man who works with artists behind the scenes to get ideas about how to make a concert memorable for all of the fans. He says that his days start very early in the morning and that he has to be three steps ahead of what he is currently doing. That way he can go over every detail with a fine tooth comb and make sure everything works flawlessly. He says that if you put your name to a product or service it should be impeccable in every respect.
One thing that he thinks should change in his career is the use of video in a concert. He knows that it is a handy tool but he feels that he wants to give the fans more than they expect. He wants to get away from huge screens flashing pictures of the artists on a huge screen. What he would like to see is more of a stunt focused mentality when it comes to the music business. He says that Pink and Lady Gaga are two of the best acts working today since they perform stunts in, around, and high above the audience.
One thing that Clayton believes is that anyone can be taught to be talented at something. He says the people that really stand out in the business for him are the one who loves to do what they do each and every day. People need to have the desire to do their best each and every day. These are the people he gravitates the most toward.
Clayton Hutson is a man who loves what he does each and every day. For him, it is always a new experience. He wouldn’t want it any other way for all of the fans.

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OSI Food Solutions expands Toledo Plant

OSI Food Solutions has in recent years been expanding its operations in various parts of the globe. One of the areas that they have expanded is in the production capacity. The company has been increasing its production capacity so that they can meet the high demand of foods coming from the local and international markets. In line with the high demand, the company has taken measures that will facilitate the development of the company such that it can meet the increasing demand for food products. One of the plants that have been expanded as part of the expansion program is the Toledo Plant in Spain.

The main reason that the Toledo plant has been expanded is so that the company can increase its production of chicken products. There has been high demand for chicken products in Portugal and Spain, and the company has been forced to take a step that will ensure that, as demand increases, supply also increases. The decision to expand this company was made based on statistics on food consumption in the two countries. In the past one decade, the consumption of food products has been going up consistently. In the last three years, it has even shot up, even more, indicating that chicken products will be in high demand in future.

In the expansion, OSI Food Solutions has increased the production of chicken products by double. Previously they were producing 12,000 tons in a year, but now they will be producing 24,000 times in a year. The expansion will also raise total production in the plant to over 45,000 tons every year. The plant also produces beef and pork products.

OSI Food Solutions has also created employment opportunities in the plant, the number of people who work for the company in the Toledo Plant has increased to 160 from the previous 140. One of the key positions which have been created in the company is that of the product development manager who will be responsible for people development of new food product in the plant. With this expansion, OSI food Solutions is now ready to handle the anticipated demand for chicken products.

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Sheldon Lavin’s OSI Group Ruling The Food Processing Industry

Sheldon Lavin, the current chairperson and also the CEO of the company called OSI Group LLC. He is one of the top most influential people that one can come across the name of in the food processing industry. He is not just the CEO and chairman of the Board of the company but also the current active president of OSI International Food Ltd. He is a much delegated leader of the company and keeps involvement in the company’s day to day operations. Sheldon Lavin initially started off his career in the financing department of Otto and Sons in the year 1970 which is now recognized as the OSI Group.

With The great vision in mind Sheldon Lavin has worked extensively in the development of the company and has made it into one of the leading food processing brands in the industry. The company now has over 60 branched across 60 countries. His determination and direction has brought the company into the international market and this had also lead to employment and job opening chances for many people across the globe. IN February 20, 2016, Sheldon Lavin was awarded with the Global Visionary Award which was a very big accomplishment. Lavin was extremely honored have been presented with the award.

The OSI Group is the largest food processing company that employees over 20000 staff and 65 facilities. Sheldon Lavin is proud to have been the part of the company’s amazing journey and making it what it is today. OSI Group has operated in several ventures and in Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Hungary and many more countries across the world. The OSI Asia Pacific venture had been a great and notable success for the company when it first joined hands with K and K Foods in Taiwan in the year 1987. GenOSI was established in 1990 in the Philippines. A huge Chinese based enterprise was also formed in 1992 in Beijing.

The company expanded immensely when it entered into the World Trade Organization and it opened up huge opportunity for the company to enter the global food market. They joined alliance with McDonald’s and many such food companies. Lavin still works on improving the company with every passing day to bring in more scope of development and rise higher in the food industry.

Contact Sheldon Lavin: www.crunchbase.com/person/sheldon-lavin