The History, Popularity, And Fate Of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is a Middle Age siege weapon that looks like a catapult. The weapon was invented in 400 AD in China and introduced in Europe in 600 AD. The Trabuco was also referred to as the balancing Trabuco to help distinguish it from its predecessor, the traction Trabuco. The balancing Trabuco was used in both Muslim and Christian countries around the Mediterranean. It was used to throw projectiles up to 140 kilos to the enemy 800 meters away.

Operation Mechanism of the Trabuco

Although it looked like a catapult, the Trabuco had a much easier operation mechanism. The Trabuco converted some gravitational (potential) energy into kinetic energy while the rest produced heat and sound. The weapon was easy to manufacture and maintain, which led to an increase in its popularity during the middle age. In addition, it was also able to launch heavy projectiles at longer distances than any other weapon that was in use during those days. It was also very accurate in hitting the target further increasing its prominence.

Popularity of the Trabuco

According to history on, the Trabuco varied in range and size and took to twelve days to manufacture depending on its size. An average Trabuco could throw 50-100 kilos projectile at a distance of 300 meters. These weapons were used to throw destructive balls and were first introduced in China after the Mongolian empire attacked the Xiangyang and the Fancheng. In 1421 on, Charles VII of France manufactured a Trabuco that was capable of throwing 800 kilos.

In late 12th century on, the Trabuco was introduced in Italy and in 1216, it arrived in England. Richard the Lionheart used two Trabucos in an attack against the Acre while Edward Longshanks ordered the construction of gigantic Trabucos to attack Stirling Castle in 1304. Trabucos were used to attack Burgos and Rhodes in 1475-1476 and 1480 respectively.

With the introduction of the gunpowder, the Trabuco was no longer the weapon of choice as the former was more convenient and efficient. Today, the Trabucos are only used in physics classes in explaining their basic operation mechanisms. They are also used for fun in pumpkin throwing championships.

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Ricardo Tosto- Most celebrated Lawyer

Most of the successful business faces some legal suits or rough patch. Besides, most people are always jealous of successful companies, and this makes it crucial for the most profitable ones to align themselves with the best business law attorneys in town. Law suits always get a way of clinging to the successful companies, and that’s the reason they need prominent and famous lawyers on their side.

Ricardo Tosto is a reputable business lawyer who has years of vast knowledge in the legal industry and understands the central business law terminologies necessary to win a business case. He has a substantial experience, and he is known to represent his clients successfully. Over the years he has fully won the majority of his cases, and he is a member of Order of Attorneys of the Brazils meaning he is licensed.

Ricardo Tosto is among some of the most respected sought after lawyer in Brazil, and he has continuously built a reputation for himself by winning major court business for locals and foreign companies. Most of the companies in Brazil have Ricardo Tosto represent them successful, and he also acts as their legal advisor. As a holder of business administration degree, he is excellent Litigator with vast experience and knowledge of business terms and terminology to learn more: click here.

Ricardo Tosto is 54 years of age and still the most prominent and sought after lawyer in Brazil. He completed his studies from the University of Mackenzie Universidade Presbyterian and passed his bar examination. Tosto joined a law firm and started his career, and over the years Tosto has crafted his law business niche, to become one of the most respected as well as feared lawyers in Brazil. He has also brushed shoulders big fish politicians and businesspeople and made enemies with many.

In the year 1991, together with Leite, they founded one of the most sorts after law firm in the whole of Brazil the Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados. He is also doing well towards ensuring that Brazilian law is well protected and has been working day and night to get more clients for his law firm.

Securus Technologies:

*Securus Technologies Information & Services Offered:


Securus Technologies is a leading edge technology company that offers communication services to correctional facilities and jails nationwide. Securus Technologies is one of the first companies to offer inmate communicate services.


In previous years, placing and receiving calls from a correctional facility was an complicated and expensive ordeal. Securus has designed a variety of calling plans that are specifically intended for incarcerated friends and loved ones.


Securus currently offers a variety of calling plans so that inmates can communicate with outsiders when necessary. Advance Connect has become a popular calling plan which is quite easy to use. Advance Connect allows inmates to make calls by using a prepaid calling card set up through Securus. Each time a call is placed the charge is deducted from the prepaid calling card balance. This calling plan is probably the most popular due to the fact that it enables the person to keep better track of their spending. This account must be funded with a minimum of $50.00.


Direct Bill is an account set up through Securus Billing Department. Inmates can place calls when necessary. Therefore, each month the facility will receive a printed bill which must be paid within 14 days. The inmate and or their family must pay the bill each and every month or service will be discontinued. Special calling rates are available for inmates. Calls placed can hook up directly to almost any cell phone.


Traditional Collect is another telephone account available through Securus Technologies. Inmates can place collect calls to a specific number. The person accepting the collect call will be responsible for the charges on their monthly telephone bill. Once a person accepts a collect call from an inmate, the Traditional Collect account is automatically set up. Therefore, there is little to no paperwork involved in setting up this calling account. The telephone number is used as the account number. Essentially, you will be billed by your local telephone company each month.


Inmate Debit is probably one of the most popular calling plans now being used by inmates. Inmate Debit is a prepaid calling account in which funds can be added at virtually any time. As long as the account has available funds then calls can be placed from the correctional facility. Inmate Debit has become popular due to the fact that it enables the inmate to keep track of their spending habits. This account must be funded with a minimum of $50.00. Calls made when using the Inmate Debit plan will permit calls to directly connect to any cellular number.


Securus Technologies offers other services to inmates such as Video Services and Jail Voice mail. Inmates who wish to use Securus Video Services or Jail Voice mail must receive approval from the correctional officer before service can be connected. Video Services enable inmates to make short videos and send them to loved ones. In addition, Jail Voice mail allows messages to be left for inmates which can be retrieved at a later date. Again, it is important to keep in mind that these services must receive approval from Correctional department in advance.


Securus Technologies has revolutionized the way inmates now communicate with the outside world. Securus is one of the first companies to offer inmate calling services to correctional facilities Nationwide. Secerus continues to provide expertise services which are continually be updated and improved over time.


Partnership between Boraie Development Partners and Provident Bank Foundation for a Better Community

Summer this year will never be the same again. This is after the State Theater proudly announced the return of its free summer movies and series program sponsored by Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation. According to the news published in the Central Jersey Working Moms online publication the movies and the series line up is already out.

Over the years, Boraie Development has been committed to the betterment of its community. According to the vice president of the company, Hiam Boraie, this partnership is yet another opportunity for individuals and their families, friends and the society at large to enjoy and bond with each other. The venue to the free movies would be the historic 1921 State Theater which is famously known for hosting live performance.

Apart from the six great movies and series that have been lined up, movie enthusiasts will get to enjoy an unmatched entertainment experience that includes the State Theaters’ one of its kind HD digital cinema projection system. The other amazing features of the theater includes the 1,850 well-arranged theater seating capacity, 46’ film screen, a digital sound system, and a Barco projector just to name but a few. Unless individuals are in a group of more than 20 people, no reservations are required in order to view the movies and series.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development LLC is one of the established urban real estate property companies we have in the world today. The company was founded by Omar Borarie, a traveling Egypt Chemist scholar in 1970’s. During its formative years, Boraie Development was involved in construction works only. However, with the many years of experience, the company has been able to diversify to offer a variety of services including property management, financial services, and sales.

Currently, Boraie Development is among the most reputable real estate companies worldwide. Thanks to the large portfolio and able leadership of Mr. Omar the company has been able to steer clear of the tides in the market and even establish a name for itself. Boraie Development’s mantra has always been that to provide the best services to clients, you first need to understand their needs.

In addition to real estate development, Mr. Omar has been able to impact the community through his philanthropic activities. The State Theater partnership is one of the perfect examples that prove the company’s care towards its community.


Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group Excel in Food Production

Sheldon Lavin is the longtime CEO of OSI Group and provides their guiding vision which has led to success on a global scale. Under his leadership, they have been transformed from a regional midwestern food processor into a global giant with vast resources that encompass more than 65 facilities in 17 countries. They partner with leading retail food brands and provide concept-to-table food processing services.

Lavin, for his part, was always interested in ultimately owning a company and he has realized that with OSI Group. He started out in business with them as a financial consultant and helped them secure the necessary funds to expand operations. He continued to work for them until he was able to buy out remaining partners and assume control. His background was in accounting and finance which provided him with a solid foundation to successfully manage a large company.

The Global Visionary Award is a distinct honor that Sheldon Lavin received for his life’s work at OSI Group. Presented by India’s Vision World Academy, it honors visionaries from various industries. Men and women like Lavin turn their dreams into reality and overcome adversity by displaying great perseverance. This is the criteria that Vision World employed in selecting Lavin and it’s a high honor indeed.

A worldwide vision accompanied Sheldon Lavin from the start of his involvement with OSI Group. He credits a spirit of entrepreneurialism for much of their success and it permeates the entire culture of OSI. Employees are encouraged to think outside the box and employ innovation and creativity in all their endeavors. Diversity is welcomed in all aspects of the company and it’s proving to be a significant part of their strength to learn more about us: click here.

OSI Group demonstrates great awareness and sensitivity to local cultures and their activities proceed from this base of knowledge. When developing new dishes they utilize local experts that are steeped in the traditions of their potential customers and help craft unique menu items.
Charitable endeavors are a part of the OSI Group culture and Lavin also has a long history of giving back. Helping local communities is at the core of their generous giving and Lavin is the driving force behind this.