When You Want To Be Sure

Everyone desires to live an illness-free life. To that end there is a provider that offers preventive health screenings directly to consumers in an efficient, thorough and timely manner. This company, Lifeline Screening, has performed and provided accurate and personalized preventive healthcare screening since 1996, overseen by Chief Medical Officer, Andy Manganaro, MD

There are some serious health issues that unfortunately do not display any symptoms. Lifeline Screening aids in early detection of risk factors in order to prevent disease. To begin, there is 6 for Life Health Assessment which is a disease health risk assessment tool. Info from this screening is run through a predictive program which is clinically based.

There are three preventive health screenings which include ultrasound, finger-stick blood screening and limited electrocardiograph (EKG) performed with either minimal or no prep to detect aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease and risk for osteoporosis. The blood screening can detect diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver injury, various cancers, thyroid disease and run a full lipid panel.

All health screenings are reviewed by a Board certified physician and results are available either by mail or online at e-Results. Your report is specific to you, your results, age and risk factors, signed by reviewing physician and Lifeline Screening’s own National Medical Director and are meant to be shared with your own primary care physician. At that point the patient and physician can work in tandem to prevent any possible condition. If further evaluation is recommended due to any abnormal results, we will advise you to seek these through own own doctor and any needed printed images of tests will be provided to you with the written report. Urgent issues reported immediately.

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Lifeline Screening is providing that ounce to health-conscious consumers.

Duda Melzer – One Of The Top Entrepreneurs Of Brazil

Duda Melzer is one of the top entrepreneurs in Brazil today and is the grandson of the founder of RBS Group, Mauricio Sirtosky Sobrinho. The full name of Duda Melzer is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, but he is popularly called as Duda Melzer. He has made a name for himself in the business circuit of the country as well as globally because of his business expertise and skills, and how he has helped RBS Group to grow and expand over the years through his business skills and knowledge.

Duda Melzer presently serves as the Chairman of RBS Group, which was founded in 1950, and over the last 58 years, it has gained the monopoly in the field of multimedia communications in the country. RBS Group is also the largest affiliate of ClicRBS and Rede Globo. Duda Melzer studied business from the top business school in the United States, Harvard Business School, and also holds two other diplomas in business from the same business school.

After completing his studies, Duda Melzer started working in North America, where he has worked with top companies like BoxTop Media, Family Communication Network, and Delphi Corporation. Working with the top media firms in the United States helped him gain the business expertise and skills needed to take RBS Group (http://zh.clicrbs.com.br/rs/noticias/noticia/2015/12/grupo-rbs-anuncia-mudancas-na-estrutura-organizacional-4930411.html) to new heights of success which he joined after coming back to Brazil. When it comes to business, Duda Melzer takes inspiration from his mentor at Harvard Business School, John Davis, who is regarded as one of the most famous business specialists in the world.

John Davis has worked with the Sirotsky Family in the past, and Acaert says his ideas and principles were integrated into the RBS Group from before, which helped the RBS Group in enhancing operational efficiency and corporate governance. Duda Melzer also takes inspiration in business from two other famous figures in business, Ram Charan, and Jim Collins.

Evolution of Smooth: A Vision for Better Lip Balms

The Evolution of Smooth was launched 7 years ago and has completely outdone its competition with veteran brands of lip balm, such as Chapstick and Blistex.

The pastel colored spheres can be found in the most popular drug and department stores such as Target and Walgreens. Its flavors have been featured in various beauty magazines such as Costco and Allure. Big name celebs such as Kim K and Christina Aguilera have been seen with the product as well.

In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, co-founder Sanjiv Mehra explains how the company (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) got started, the challenges he and his partners faced and what led to their multi-million dollar success.

Mehra explains that he say an opportunity to create an all-natural lip balm geared towards women, since he discovered through extensive research that women were the main consumers of the product. When creating the shape, he wanted to be imaginative, hence the sphere shape. He also wanted to create a lip balm that did not go out of style, but would eventually become a household item.

Mehra explains that several chains rejected his product due to a lack of faith. Despite his efforts and even hiring an experienced sales rep, many buyers felt as though consumers would only continue to use more well-known brands.

The team was eventually lucky enough land a meeting with a female buyer from Walgreens that loved the product and accepted the offer.

Currently EOS has a large social media following and continues to advertise through beauty blogger reviews and celebrities. EOS lip balm currently sell over a million units of the product every week and other brands are attempting to create their own version of sphere shaped lip balms.

Mehra largely credits his success to understanding how large businesses work. He states that his company practices “big company discipline” and this has contributed to the success of EOS lip balm.

The Well-Deserved Praise of the Event Organizing Enterprise, Twenty Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers is an event organizing and design enterprise with a headquarter office in New York City. The employee team is vibrant, creative, fast and detailed to the core as reported by all of their clients. Twenty Three Layers delivers modern, eye-catching designs that match each particular event, ranging from corporate seminars, cultural events, to birthday parties. According to James Kinney of Kinney Creative Group, the firm’s group leader Jessica Boskoff is an excellent organizer with impeccable details, incredible patience, and complicated depth. Heather Harnett of the David Lynch Foundation revealed that some of his guests still talk about the appeal of their past events. He described the corporate event planners in NYC as a dedicated research team that customized the atmosphere to reflect the elegance of his company.


Twenty Three Layers uses a definite timeline to strategize the customers’ events. A month before the due date, the planner works with the host to pick out the most critical details such as the theme, date, budget, location and entertainment. A week after that first meeting, the planner helps the host send out invitations and order the necessary amenities such as kitchen appliances, chairs, and flowers. The director works with some of the event’s employees two weeks before the expected date to draft recipes, shopping lists, and place cards. In the case where certain dishes require freezing, the planner ensures that the kitchen staff is aware of the timeline for preparing each dish. The remaining one week is used to contact invitees who have not sent in their RSVPs and purchase the pre-drafted resources.


The best of the event planning companies in NYC, 23 Layers, works with the client until the last minute when the last guest walks in. On the due date, the planner walks around with a checklist to confirm that every little detail is in place. Some of them include chilling the wine, setting the bar, installing trash cans and lighting candles and creating a playlist. Once everything checks out, the host receives the go-ahead to launch the event. The firm has received various recognition from design and planning houses such as Time Out New York, Molly My, The Perfect Palette and Style Me Pretty.