Realize Perfect Hair Styling with Wen by Chaz Product

Hair care styling and management is a good thing you can do with your hair. A well-groomed hair is a clear reflection of yourself as it makes you more attractive. The hair care system market has grown greatly. There are thousands of products you will find in the markets having several brands. It is thus painfully difficult to select from the large array of items in the market. Everyone has different colors and textures of hair. However, there is a system of hair that has proven to benefit all types of hair. People with hair that is often dry should benefit from the product. People that live in humid conditions should benefit because the product reduces the amount of frizz in hair. This product is known as Wen by Chaz. All you have to do is to purchase the product and start using it to realize the benefits.

Regular shampoos and cleansing agents have several chemicals. The chemicals deprive the hair essential oils and make the hair looks less healthy. People that want to take proper care of their hair should get rid of shampoos. Regular shampoos contain a chemical known as sodium laurel sulfate. The chemical is what produces lather in shampoos hence cleaning the hair. The soap can be devastating to a woman’s hair and be the cause of a constant bad hair day. Shifting one’s product to the Chaz Dean line is going to transform everything about a woman’s hair.

Most of the products in the market contain harmful chemicals. They are most likely to cause serious hair loss and damage your hair. The best way to avert such kind of problems is to use natural products and natural ingredients. Wen by Chaz created the revolutionary product that uses natural cleansing means. The product has gained popularity for its several benefits. For more information, visit Follow Wen on Twitter to get updates!


Igor Cornelsen on Utilizing Online Platforms

Igor Cornelsen is not only a successful businessman, but he is also someone who is making a lot of waves. He has plenty to offer to people who are willing to listen. He has a huge online presence. He offers plenty of advice and other forms of content on social media and plenty of other platforms. Among the topics he talks about are business and investing. This allows plenty of other aspiring entrepreneurs to learn what they can from him so that they can succeed in their pursuits. Igor Cornelsen uses his experience in the Brazilian market to mentor people who are new.

Igor Cornelsen offers people advice on how they can build passive income on He sees the advantage that passive income has over the other form of income. For one thing, passive income continues to come in with minimal involvement. This is one very convenient aspect of passive income. However, Igor is not going to hide anything from the user. He does let users know that it takes a lot of investment in the beginning for the income to be significant. Among the forms of investment that are recognized are either money or work. Either way, it takes a lot of initial effort on the part of the entrepreneur in order for there to be significant income.

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Another platform Igor uses is his blog. He has written down plenty of his insights for people to read. He talks about plenty of different topics like passive income. He has also published articles on other media outlets like PR Newswire. Igor keeps himself productive. Cornelsen has explored all of the different methods of investing, and he encourages other to do the same. In order to profit, it is important for the entrepreneur to find his element. Afterwards, he can move forward towards his goals.

Christopher Burch’s Futuristic Views On Fashion And Technology

Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has made investments in various industries successfully for almost forty years including the Faena Hotel, Jawbone and Voss Water.


His success started in 1976 as a student at Ithaca College. This was when he began Eagle’s Eye Apparel with his brother. This $2,000 investment became a business worth $165 million dollars. After they sold the company he invested in Internet Capital Group. He simply has the ability to understand how consumers think and how it affects the consumer channels.


Fashion and technology are linked and they are growing together. Christopher Burch wrote about this truly fascinating journey. He explained past and present and his beliefs for the future.


Technology in the 1970’s was the boom box. This was the way to play your favorite songs while on the move. You put it over your shoulder and smiled. By the 1990’s it had been replaced with the much smaller and lighter Walkman. Eventually the iPod took the place of the Walkman. As technology increased so did peoples options.


Today technology relates to the current fashions. Designers are using technology in their lines and it is incredible. There is a dress called the Pseudomorphs that is self painting. Another dress is know as the DareDroid and it actually makes drinks. These designs are considered to be avant-garde.


There is a system created through technology to protect bicyclists. This system is placed around the neck and in an accident produces an airbag. This protects the head from a nasty impact. There is also better visibility than with a standard helmet. Another advance regarding safety is for firefighters. Frontline Gloves relay important information with the use of hand gestures. The options for safety related gear are almost endless.


Recycled materials are being used in fashion as well. t-shirts and jackets have been created by using the recycled inner tubes from bicycles. There was even a beautiful gown created with recycled copper from a radiator.


Another new idea is the creation of energy from fashion. Kinetic energy is captured and used to power mp3,s and watches. There is a prototype for shoes that can charge a cell phone while the owner is running or walking. Eye glasses have been affected as well with the invention of Google Glass. The stigma of having to wear glasses may be erased. Even people who don’t have to wear glasses may be interested in this technology. Currently the price is astronomically high but that could change in the future.




Pattiz Announces Newest Jericho Network Program

PodcastOne executive chairman and founder Norman Pattiz recently announced the newest addition to the Jericho Network programming: “Beyond the Darkness”. WWE star Chris Jericho’s podcast network, operating under the PodcastOne umbrella, is launching a new podcast that will investigate the paranormal. Pattiz praised Jericho’s ability to expand from the wrestling genre to include comedy, and now the paranormal. He called the former wrestler “one of the jewels of the PodcastOne network”.


Beyond the Darkness will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, two of the most well known and trusted paranormal broadcasters in the business. Dave and Tim share a background in radio and bring with them a loyal fanbase that is sure to expand in this venue. The podcasts will include discussions with world famous researchers and first hand accounts covering everything paranormal. From ghosts and apparitions, to aliens and bigfoot, there is sure to be something to give every viewer plenty of goosebumps. New episodes are to be released weekly on Monday’s on, the PodcastOne app and iTunes.


PodcastOne is America’s largest advertiser supported podcast network. In 2012, Founder Norman Pattiz saw unrealized opportunities, and launched what would quickly become the leading producer/distributor of on-demand audio programming. With 40 plus years of broadcasting experience and connections, Mr. Pattiz has gathered celebrity performances and commitments from some of the biggest stars in music, sports, entertainment and politics. In a rapidly growing genre, PodcastOne has taken a position at the front of the pack.


Prior to starting PodcastOne, Pattiz was also the Founder of Westwood One and Courtside Entertainment Group. Both specialized in broadcasting sports, music and entertainment. In 2002, Pattiz was also appointed by President Clinton to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009, and was given the “Giants of Broadcasting Award” by the Library of American Broadcasting.

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Information Technology Futurist

John Goullet started his career as an Information Technology (IT) consultant. In 1994, he founded Info Technologies. In his interview with IdeaMensch, Mr. Goullet brought to light the need to have properly trained IT specialists. He says that the success of his companies is because of paying attention to the labor markets. His main agenda is to fill the gap in the IT industry by providing sustainable solutions.

Goullet ensures that he is a notch higher than his competition through responsible management of labor. He makes sure that he keenly studies his competitors best business attributes and emulates them. He also ensures that he analyzes the current and upcoming trends in IT. This features coupled with his drive for success have made sure that his ventures are successful.

Info Technologies was John Goullet’s first individual venture. The company was founded to provide IT staff for some of the biggest companies in the world. While at the company, Goullet focused on fulfilling his clients’ needs. He ensured that he exceeded its customers’ expectations by providing highly trained professionals.

Under his tenure, the company was able to grow to be a global-scale organization. The company was featured twice as ‘The fastest growing enterprise in the United States’ on the Magazines Inc. 500. His greatest achievement in the company was when it was ranked eighth among the most promising startups in the country.

John Goullet serves as the Principle of Diversant LLC. The company is a merger of Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. Both companies, previously succeeding in the IT industry now had a global reach with their services. The company has now grown tremendously to be the largest IT firm in the United States to have an African-American owner.

The merger came about as a realization that the industry had a low-barriers-to-entry. He was encouraged that many people had ventured and succeeded in the field. With his previous experience with Info Technology, Goullet stood at a higher advantage in the field.

The new merger offered a better platform for Goullet to offer solutions for the growing IT industry further. The company also offer diversified solutions to its clients, who believe that diversity leads to greater opportunities and better solutions.


Sweetgreen Restaurant Partners With Local Farmers to Serve the Community

Sweetgreen, a popular restaurant chain, was founded in 2007. It has locations in NYC, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Sweetgreen is renovating what a salad means. They are known for fresh, local ingredients and partnering with local farmers to give customers the best food. Drake Baer wrote an article titled “This trendy salad bar’s design secrets keep customers coming back for more” in the Business Insider and said that “…Unlike many lunch salads, you’re not hungry 45 minutes after eating one. For about the same price as a burger and fries, you can eat nourishing food”.


Sweetgreen is similar in serving style to Chipotle. Co-founder of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru said, “Hopefully the first thing you see is the open kitchen. Seeing the ingredients, seeing the kitchen and the process behind it is really important to us. We make all of our dressings, all of our products, from scratch everyday, with produce delivered each morning…” The process of opening up a Sweetgreen is a methodical process. Sweetgreen makes sure there are local farmers nearby with enough crops to chain supply. Once Sweetgreen finds a farmer they want to partner with, they will buy even little known, unusual vegetables from them.


Ru shared a story of when his company went out to the Salinas Valley in Northern California. They met a farmer who showed them his crop of broccoli. Ru said they asked him, “What do you do with leaves once the crown is gone? Do you sell them?”. The farmer replied, “No, nobody wants to eat it…” To which the team responded back with a question, “Well can you eat them?”. The farmer affirmed that you could eat the leaves of a broccoli plant and said that, “It’s just as healthy, if not healthier, than most of the lettuces you see out there.” From that day on, Sweetgreen made a deal to purchase the broccoli greens.


In 2007, Nathaniel Ru obtained a BS in Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. The inspiration for Sweetgreen came from his and his co-founders’ belief that the community needed a delicious, healthy, eco-friendly dining option. Ru launched an in-school initiative to educate children about healthy eating and living. One student said,”I used to hate vegetables, but now I can’t get enough”. Sweetgreen is part of a recent movement bringing us back to knowing where our food comes from.



The Video Product by Talk Fusion wins An Annual Award

From the time it opened its doors in the year 2007, Talk Fusion has dedicated to helping people in the industry. The company is all about building the future, realizing people dreams, and giving to communities. The kind of commitment by the company has led it to change lives. Bob Reina and his team have always shown a true dedication to achieve this. Bob is noted to say that great success comes with great responsibility. The idea form’s the basic part of Talk Fusion’s culture. The company has embedded this as its line of services. Everything that Talk Fusion does, as a company or individually, is dedicated to the greater good of the community. Under Bob’s leadership, the company has been motivated to making a difference in the society.


Bob is an individual who leads by example. He has had an impact on several charity organizations through his donations. In the previous months, he led his company to donate $1 million to the Tampa Humane Society. Bob leads a vision that is geared to changing lives. His actions have seen him build a company that is available in more than 140 countries.


Talk Fusion recently released a video chat that received an award in 2016. The company has since grown to become a video marketing platform for many companies. Users of the product have been able to improve their communication. Many people that have used the company’s services have been able to receive customers faster than ever before. Talk Fusion’s nature of services range from Video Conferencing, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, and Video Email. These products are availed by the company and are affordable. Another cool feature with the products is that they can be used across all devices such as tablets, smartphones, and computers. The only thing you need is to record a video then upload it to the Talk Fusion account. The video is inserted into an email and can be sent to many people.


Talk Fusion has dedicated itself to building a company that helps business owners to reach their full potential. Companies that have used the product have since increased sales and kept customers going back.

Ricardo Tosto: How to Choose An Excellent Lawyer in Brazil


Do you need legal advice or representation? Looking for a good lawyer in Brazil? For a lot of people, employing the services of and working with an attorney can be an intimidating process. If you are looking for a fantastic attorney to handle your case, there are several factors you should look at.

Get a seasoned attorney to increase your chances of having the desired result. If you are seeking legal help for business related problem, hire an attorney who has previously represented clients in business matters and has extensive knowledge with complex cases.

It is vital to schedule a meeting to review your legal challenge with the lawyer you’re thinking of. During a consultation, you will get a chance to ask your questions and present your priorities to the lawyer. Make certain you write down this information and have it with you on the day of the meeting.Be sure to have all of your pertinent documents with you during the meeting.

Don’t eliminate an attorney simply because the attorney didn’t have the time to talk to you or contact you on short notice. Most good lawyers have a very busy schedule so they may not be available to spend a lot of time with prospective clients.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a highly renowned Brazilian attorney, has been rendering superiors services for years and comes highly recommended in the industry. You will want to go with an attorney who has a remarkable record of success in the Brazilian legal system. That’s where Mr Ricardo Tosto comes in.

Ricardo Tosto is a reputable Brazilian lawyer who has represented lots of clients in high profile cases. His clients include public figures and politicians. He has also represented big companies and corporations. Ricardo Tosto is an outstanding lawyer who can support your business efforts, minimize risks, and ultimately help you save money down the line. Ricardo Tosto is one of the most accomplished corporate litigation attorneys in Brazil. With Ricardo Tosto on your side, you’ll have confidence that the lawyer you retain will give satisfactory service.

Handy’s Entrepreneurial Culture

Handy is a company that focuses on offering cleaning, plumbing and any handyman. The firm capitalises on the current smartphone availability to individuals. It is estimated that ninety percent of the population in the United States have smartphones and easy access to the internet. Customers benefit from the services of Handy by a simple tap on their smartphones.

Dua and Hanarahan are the Chief Executive Officers and the founders of the company. They realised that there was a lack of reliable cleaning services in the market and decided to take advantage of the gap. The two buddies first met at Havard University. They found themselves studying the same course and luck brought them together as roommates in an apartment in Cambridge.

As usual in any business, their first couple of years were not the best. Competitors like Mopp, Homejoy and Exec were at their level best and that led to a constant fight for customers. In early 2015, Homejoy went out of business due to unnamed reasons. This was a welcome relief for management since it was one less competitor to worry about.

Hanrahan wanted to roll out an online boarding system process in all of its twenty-eight markets. Co-founder Umang Dua resisted the idea saying that the candidates would not complete the application process unless helped by a human expert. The co-founders agreed to do a test run in January 2015. Both of the co-founders were still debating whether to implement the boarding system in all of their markets but in November 2015, the company closed a fifty million dollar venture capital funding which brought a financial cushion. Eventually, Hanrahan and Dua agreed to implement the online boarding strategy across the entire nation in which Hanrahan predicted that it would save the company millions of dollars annually.


Dick DeVos and his Passion

Dick DeVos is a member of the prominent DeVos family, a family that currently resides in Michigan and is known for not only their generosity with many deserving organizations as well as foundations across the country, but is also known for the family business that was developed and created by the DeVos family and that has continued to grow over the past six decades. The co-founder and the developer of the company is Richard DeVos, a businessman as well as a dedicated individual who had the goal of growing the family legacy for the DeVos family. As a the son of Richard DeVos, Dick DeVos has had the goal to follow the footsteps of his father.


Dick DeVos is a unique individual who not only possesses a prominent family name, but has also been able to make a name for himself through the hard work as well as through the dedication that he has put towards his company. Dick DeVos has many titles including an entrepreneur, a businessman, as well as a philanthropist and a family man. As a member of the DeVos family, Dick DeVos has continued his father’s wishes by growing the company even further and to promote the name of DeVos throughout the country. This has not only been accomplished by the expansion of the family business, but also by the generous donations to many initiatives across the United States.


When reading about Dick DeVos, I found that one of his goals with the many donations that he has already contributed is to improve the education system within the United States. Dick DeVos believes that a higher level of education should be provided to students based upon merit and not based upon the income of the family. As a hard worker as well as an academic, Dick DeVos has provided new opportunities such as scholarships that are offered to students based upon merit and that have allowed for many lower income students to enter a university.


Dick DeVos is a proud member of the DeVos family and is considered to be a strong leader of the family business of Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos, even before a formal education in economics, was involved with the company and helped where he could. Dick DeVos has fond memories that are associated with business which is one of the many reasons that Dick DeVos has been so driven to grow the family company.