Transformation for Fine Hair

Do you have hair that is fine, greasy, or frizzy and are looking for a solution to achieve the results of a television model? If so, Wen By Chaz [] is the product for you. This product is a cleansing conditioner and works wonders for unruly, fine hair. Just follow the recommendations on the amount to use according to the bottle instructions, massage into your scalp and wait a few minutes for the product to penetrate into the roots. Please note that for different hair lengths, there are different recommended amounts of pumps of the product to use. It may seem that you are using more of the product than you would use when using a shampoo product, but the recommended amount is necessary to achieve the desired results. As you massage Wen into your hair, you will notice that your hair will seem thicker and fuller.

After letting Wen By Chaz cleansing conditioner set, finally rinse the product from your hair. Use your blower dryer to dry your hair, and you will see that your hair is fuller and has more bounce and shine. The key to maintaining the voluminous and shiny look of television model hair is to use Wen By Chaz on a daily basis. As you can see from this reviewer’s experience of using Wen through her review on Bustle, the Amazon advertised product worked wonders for her.

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George Soros Gives Thoughts on Ukraine and Europe

George Soros, the noted financier and activist, wrote an opinion piece that appeared recently on the Project Syndicate website. In his article, Soros gives his thoughts on the European Union as it relates to the Ukraine in terms of economic policy. Soros is uniquely qualified to write on this subject because he is a highly successful hedge fund manager.

Soros mentions that while member nations of the EU are increasingly dissatisfied with how the organization works, most people in the emerging Ukraine desperately want in. He feels that EU policy makers should reflect on this and consider how Ukraine being admitted to the EU could help Europe as a whole. Soros lived in Hungary during his childhood and then later went to college in London, so he has a native understanding of Europe in its entirety.

On the subject of the EU, Soros laments that what started out as an organization to bring the nations of Europe together has turned into a squabbling alliance where wealthier EU nations such as France and Germany have to bail out poorer nations financially. He blames this on the collapse of the Euro. Soros has a degree from the London School of Economics and a great deal of real-world financial experience, so he’s definitely an authority on the economic politics of the EU.

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Additionally, Soros is concerned about the threat to the EU from Vladimir Putin. Soros, who lived in communist Hungary, has a first-hand understanding of what constitutes a totalitarian government, and he believes he is seeing one today in Russia. Putin is making a case for the genetic superiority of the Russian people, he points out, and this is a clear example of using nationalistic propaganda to strengthen his own position. Putin, Soros fears, is leading Russia away from Europe and, indeed, threatening the entire EU with his rhetoric.

George Soros writes about how aggressive Russia has been in the Ukraine recently, and he believes that Putin sees an independent and democratic Ukraine as a threat to his own rule. In the meantime, Europe and the United States are doing little to help the emerging Ukraine and bring it closer to them.

To counteract Putin, Soros recommends that the EU give economic assistance to Ukraine. As someone who is accustomed to doing business in amounts of money in the billions, Soros is someone whose opinions on economic aid should be taken seriously. He notes that spending this money will not be popular in the EU, but doing so can be considered an investment. Essentially, Soros strongly feels that the EU needs to come to the aid of Ukraine if for no other reason than to help itself.

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