Open Society Foundations’ Path

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Open Society Foundations is an organization that has outstanding operations in a hundred countries around the world. This organization has earned its reputation by engaging in life transforming activities. Open Society Foundation takes part in social, political and education matters in different areas of operation. George Soros is the driving force behind Open Society Foundations. He is an established hedge fund billionaire who channels his wealth and influence towards charitable activities. The birth of Open Society Foundations began back in 1979 when George Soros began the process of giving potential South African students education scholarships. Ever since then, Open Society Foundations has grown to an international organization.

Activities undertaken by Open Society Foundation have managed to attract the attention of different parties. In recent times, conservative activist James O’Keefe was caught on a phone audio recording while trying to join Open Society Foundations. While using a fake name, O’Keefe tried to enter the operation of Open Society Foundations in Europe. His move was motivated by malicious political gains. That explains why he chose to hide his identity. The actions of James O’Keefe are a clear indication that politicians are aware of the strength of the operations undertaken by Open Foundation societies.

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Open Society Foundations has also attracted the attention of federal governments through its works. In recent times, Russia burned all activities funded by Open Society Foundations. The Russian government claimed that operations financed by this organization are a threat to national security. From a logical point of view, it is clear that the sentiments given by the Russian government are false, and baseless. These views came into existence due to the works of Open Society Foundations in Ukraine. For some time now, Russia has tried tirelessly to take over Ukraine by force. On the contrary, Open Society Foundations is working tirelessly to restore peace and political stability in Ukraine. In this context, it is clear that these two parties have different interests in Ukraine.
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George Soros

Through his Open Society Foundations, George Soros has impacted the lives of many people positively. He is a billionaire, and an established hedge fund personality. George Soros began his life transforming mission in 1979 through his scholarship venture in South Africa. After the Berlin wall had collapsed, he played a central role in the establishment of the Central European University. This education institution was established to enhance critical thinking and association among Europeans. Through his charity work, George Soros stands out as a man who has initiated transparency and transformation in different sectors across the world.

Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations is an organization that has played a central role in transforming the world. Refugees from Roma were taken care of by Open Society Foundations. Needy and able students from Roma also got scholarships from Open Society Foundations by George Soros. This organization also played crucial roles in the sectors of education, and political transformation in Asia, Africa and recently in Ukraine. Open Society Foundations is an organization that has achieved much success in its endeavors.

Evaluating Yeonmi Park’s Incredible Rise From Hopelessness

Refugees often undergo a lot of brutality. Nothing depicts their plight better than Yeonmi Park’s heart wrenching Amazon best-selling book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”. The story is said in hard-hitting and fearless lines, which manage to clearly portray the injustices faced by child refugees in particular. In the book, Ms. Park states that she did not know what freedom is during her early years. The happiest thing to her was having a meal.
Yeonmi begins her Reason TV interview by detailing how she fled from her nation of birth, North Korea. This was in March 2007. At a tender age of thirteen, she had no idea about where she was headed to. She captures the attention of her readers when she details her escape from the country after crossing a freezing River Yalu late into the night. Getting into China, she came face to face with dreadful experiences, which are too harrowing for even an adult, let alone a thirteen year old.

A strong will to live is what kept this gritty girl going. Along the way, she met her father but unfortunately, he succumbed to undetected cancer. This lowered her life force and even made her to have suicidal thoughts. She however fought them off and kept journeying on. During the years-long journey across China, she was confronted by many challenges. Park had to withstand relentless hunger, emotional and physical abuse. She however managed to reach the Mongolian border, which paved way for her transit to South Korea.

One thing that stands out from the memoir is the author’s ability to keep readers on the edge. It is filled with suspense-filled lines, which keeps them wanting to read more of the story. It is no surprise that the book has become a blockbuster within a short time after its release. It has also catapulted a hitherto unknown refugee into international limelight. The press sees her as a savior to millions of North Koreans who have been for years oppressed by the tyrannical regime. The North Korean government has gone ahead to dismiss Yeonmi’s account as an exaggeration and has even labeled her a puppet of the West. Nonetheless, Yeonmi Park has managed to highlight the injustices going on in the county.


Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Campaign Shows the Heart of a Man

Avi Weisfogel is the man behind a campaign on GoFundMe, which is attempting to raise 2,000 dollars or more to help Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing surgical procedures to children around the world who would not be able to afford them otherwise. Weisfogel, like Operation Smile, believes that every child deserves to smile.

Who Is Avi Weisfogel?

Avi Weisfogel is a man that has shown different faces, which may cause one to hear varying descriptions of who the man is. For one, Weisfogel is a dentist; he earned his DDS in New York University College of Dentistry. Weisfogel was also the beloved dentist of the Old Bridge Dental Care office in a small New Jersey community. In fact, he was so esteemed that he won Best Dentist for 15 years.

But Weisfogel is also the man who pioneered the connection between sleep apnea and dentistry. He was convinced that the dentist community needed to take a more active role in their patients issues with sleep apnea and overall quality of sleep. He formed the very successful Dental Sleep Masters, which is a group of specialists who help many combat this problem.

Avi Weisfogel’s Crusade to Help Operation Smile

The simple fact is, if you pay attention to Weisfogel’s career and actions, you will see a pattern. The pattern is he attempts to use his knowledge to help as many people as possible. Weisfogel’s GoFundMe campaign is just another way that he is attempting to help. What Avi hopes is that his name will bring awareness to the cause and enough money to really make a difference in a young child’s life.

Avi stated in an interview that he noticed just how efficient the organization was with each of their patients. Weisfogel saw that each operation is treated with the utmost diligence and care. And that the organization uses caregivers from the region to help with recuperation. He thought this was a great idea since the children in many of these locations might feel more comfortable speaking in their own language.

He truly found kindred spirits in the Operation Smile organization, and he hopes that others will, too.

Beneful Delicious Varieties

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Beneful also provides wet dog food medley flavors. Served with a scrumptious blend of vegetables, meat, and sauce it’s a great balanced, enjoyable, and nutritional meal for your pet. There is a Tuscan Style Medley, Romana Style Medley, and Mediterranean Style Medley all with its own distinctive and enjoyable taste. And all these products can be found on Wal-Mart stores.

Overall, provides a wide range of dog food for your pet. With so much beneficial nutrition Beneful is a wonderful brand to provide for your dog throughout the years.