The Success Story Behind Fortress Investment Group

One of the most renowned firms that provide financial expertise and investment management services is Fortress Investment Group. It is located in New York and is one of the best organizations of its kind in the United States. Being a company that is globally recognized for its tremendous investment management services, it is well known as a financial planning and banking firm. When it comes to investment-related problems, the company has incredible services that improve consumer ability to meet goals. Some of the ways that organizations do this is through asset management and private equity management. Other solutions include liquid hedging funds and credit fund management.

The company was founded by five billionaires who were featured in Forbes for their extraordinary prowess. Leaders took major roles in pioneering the company and setting it up for years of success. Each of the members who contributed to the birth of Fortress Investment Group has a ton of experience in investment marketing. Randal Nardone took the Chief Executive Officer position of the company in 2011 and has made incredible strides since that point. He was mainly operating as the CEO of the company. Even as an interim CEO, he closely worked with Wes Edens in order to lead the company to success. Softbank Group Corp purchased the firm for about 3.3 Billion dollars and is one of the most well-known transactions of its kind. This action made SBG the parent firm of the company. SBG did not the interfere with the executive roles of the CEO of the organization despite these management changes.

Fortress Investment Group has been receiving a lot of awards over the years. Their successes are based on their well-respected services and commitment to innovation. One of the ways that they were acknowledged was when they were recognized as management firm of the year. One financial publication known as the institutional investor issued the firm a complement for their expertise in variegated sectors. Some areas that they were particularly successful in were hedge fund management and capital investment. Apart from that, the company won an award from Institutional Investor as the Credit-Focused fund of the year.

Fortress Investment Group has more than 900 executive members. The rest of the 2500 employees are based in multiple parts of the world. The company respect the human resources and values their employees profoundly. Overall this organization is steadfast and creates unique solutions on a regular basis.

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Why Talos Energy Is destined To Achieve

Talos Energy had been a private company until it went public in May. The company went public after merging with another firm called Stone Energy Corporation. The main reason for the merging is for accounting, and the new merger is destined for success. The company is run independently technically and operates in the United States. It is also working in part of the Gulf of Mexico. Those who are in the management of the company have been in the industry for decades, and they have acquired a lot of knowledge and skill to run the company. The leaders are skilled in the exploration, development, and acquisition of deep water assets. Their latest interest has been the Gulf of Mexico. It is a site that is regarded as having great potential by geologists. It will enable the company to explore the natural resources fully.

Tim Duncan spoke about the development of the company. He is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of the coveted organization. He said they had they planned to use world-class techniques to operate their company. The company also has a goal to improve their overall performance and their production. They want to enhance their hydrocarbon methods. The company is also concerned with the environment. That is why they ensure their operations comply with all the environmental rules. Their approach in mining endeavors has been holistic that is why they are building the immense success.

Tim Duncan serves as the head of the company. Since they co-founded the company with John Parker and Stephen Heitzman, he has been committed to working hard to ensure the company succeeds. He is an able leader and works with the other two founders. They are the people who serve the firm diligently and ensure it is operating smoothly. The best part with the leaders is they are experienced having been in the field for thirty years. That is how they have gained the experience and skills required to run company. Tim Duncan continues to lead the organization in the right direction, and he has a lot of expectation concerning the performance of the firm.

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Juan OG Perez’s 50th Birthday Big Plus For Jayz’s Cognac Brand

Juan OG Perez is a close friend of Hip Hop Magnet Jayz. In June this year, Jayz threw a party to celebrate his friend’s birthday. Juan celebrated his 50th birthday, and this was recognized by his close friend and business partner by shelling about $113,000. The party included a small group of friends like the President of the Roc Nation Sports. The lavish party was too exclusive such that there was a price tag of $13 per dinner set and some more $9000 for drinks. OG Perez and Jayz started the partying together with their wives in midtown at the famous Japanese restaurant known as Zuma.

Sushi and Lobster made the night, and it is rumored that the restaurant made a whopping $13000 for just a simple meal. And when it was time to get a good club to pass away the night, the group trouped to a Mexican club known as Inwood. Sources indicate that the music moguls spent another $9000 on liquor. Their favorite drink certainly being Cognac. Here, Perez birthday soared, and the friends ended up at Playroom Nightclub and ordered 40 bottles of champagne at $91,000. This is mind-blowing. Right? Such a price would perhaps buy you an island.

Later in the night, the group is reported to have split. Perez, Jayz and some other friends remained at Playroom while the rest of the squad headed to another nightclub where it is rumored that they spent a whopping $74000 on Gold Champagne. The separate squad is said to have shared a photo of their bill on snap chat. Twitter was also awash with the news. Many followers felt that this was extraordinary opulence or some sort of conspiracy. Jayz is reportedly said to have passed the night enjoying his own brand of the Champagne. The crew must have spent heavily, and Jayz must have made a tidy sum that night in a very smart way.

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“Equities First Holdings French Tribune Article Recap”

Successful trading company Equities First Holdings is a popular lender. Known for their dedication towards borrowers seeking to better themselves. As a matter of fact, they were featured in a 2017 article by the French Tribune. It is titled “Equities First Holdings Thrives: UK Transaction Update and 15th Anniversary Statistics”, giving readers a better understanding of the trade-based loan company. Stating that the London based lender has completed over 700 personal transactions. Which is due to their global expansion throughout different parts of the world. Equities First Holdings now have locations in Australia, the United States of America and China. The French Tribune also mentions the 15th anniversary of their parent company that’s based in America. Which helped them to lend more than 1 billion U.S. dollars to borrowers within the past 4 years.

Finding Your Place At Sussex Healthcare

Working in healthcare can be rewarding. Those who live in the UK know that Sussex Healthcare is a top choice for those who either need long-term care or have loved ones in need of care or rehabilitation. Those who desire to work in healthcare as a nurse, therapist, counselor, dietitian, or other specialty area should contact Sussex Healthcare about current opportunities. With numerous facilities in Sussex, there is ample opportunity for you and your loved ones to find the care they need.

Sussex Healthcare was opened in 1985 with only one location. It was in the following years that their philosophy of care and helping others that helped them to reach new levels of growth within the healthcare system. Their faithful commitment to quality care helped the company grow into a network of 15 facilities. Caring for the elderly is a primary focus here, but there is also care available for those with PMLD, dementia, and other neurological disorders that affect the lives of the elderly.

There are various homes to consider when researching Sussex Healthcare, including:

Clemsfold House
Forest Lodge
Horncastle House
Kingsmead Care Center
Longfield Manor
Rapkyns Nursing Home
Upper Mead
The Granary
Sycamore Lodge
Woodhurst Lodge
Beechcroft Care Center
Beech Lodge and Oak Lodge
The Laurels
Norfolk Lodge
Orchard Lodge
Wisteria Lodge

Those who reside in the homes will have meals prepared for them daily, using produce grown locally. The meals are healthy and prepared with the resident’s needs in mind. Those who are able to cook with special needs in mind are encouraged to apply for food service positions.

Training is available for those who would like to learn more about how to work in healthcare, as well as care for the elderly and those with special needs. With a new CEO at the helm, great things are going to continue to happen at Sussex Healthcare in the future.

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Betsy DeVos Has Donated Millions Of Dollars To Help Americans Receive A Better Education

Betsy DeVos is a businesswoman, philanthropist, and the Secretary of Education for the United States. She grew up in Holland, Michigan where she learned to appreciate the benefits that educational choice can offer. She attended the private Christian college Calvin College and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics. She became very involved with the politics on the campus and has continued her interest in politics ever since. In Michigan, she served as the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for 6 years and has been a mega-donor to the GOP for years.


Betsy DeVos has always been unusually generous, and her husband, Dick DeVos, and herself started up the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in order to facilitate their giving. Many people have found it ironic how much press her political donations have received while her charitable giving has been largely ignored. In 2015, the combined giving of her husband and herself added up to more than $11 million, which was more than two times the amount of money they donated to politics over the last half decade.


Betsy DeVos has chosen to focus a lot of her financial support on the educational sector and has helped many families in the meantime. In 2015, her foundation donated more than $3 million to educational causes, which continues a trend that has seen her donate millions over the years the educational sector. She has donated large sums of money to the Potter’s House Christian School and has also donated money to pay for the tuitions of kids who wanted to go to the school. She did so because many of the families who live in the area where the school exists can’t afford to send their kids their; even though they want to.


Betsy DeVos has been troubled by the fact that many American families can’t afford to send their children to a school they choose. Instead of seeing their children being served by the educational system of the United States, many families feel like their children are being harmed. Schools in the nation have become increasingly dangerous and hostile and children are having a hard time learning in this atmosphere. Betsy DeVos believes that Americans deserve better and has fought her heart out to see educational choice become more widespread. While her political opponents continue to resist passing legislation that would benefit American families, she continues to donate money to help then and fight for their educational rights.


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Paul Mampilly Sees Internet Of Things Opening Great Investment Opportunities

An Eye For the Future

Paul Mampilly can take great pride in his children, since he has surrounded them, since their youth, to immerse themselves in the financial world, with dealing with stocks and understanding how money works. He feels that his kids have, in many ways, a better grasp of money and finance than their older generation has. Paul Mampilly has so much confidence in what his kids have learned thru investment and stocks that he even asks their opinion when he is unsure about matters. Paul Mampilly says his kids are most especially interested in the future of things like 3D printing and flying cars.

Big Data and the Future

Today is an exciting time to invest in the future since many things seem to be set on a foundation for significant growth in the future, says Paul Mampilly. For example, he recalls the importance of the Internet of Things is taking today and the direction it is taking as far as big data. For years big data has developed, and the capacity to deal with larger and larger chunks of data is on the doorstep of technology. He takes an example of the 5,000 sensors found in the PW1000G Pratt & Whitney plane engines, which electronically communicate about 10GB of data per second.

The Internet of Things Brings Great Potential Wealth

Just a few years ago it was impossible to have this much memory in a computer, but today this amount of data is being communicated every second to ensure the safety of planes and other technology. Anything from TV’s to cars and computers relays data back to the manufacturer to enable better and safer software. The companies that make the Internet of things operate is where investors will find significant opportunities for growth and investment. Not only companies that make these plane sensors, but also those that send and store the data they retrieve will be the forerunners of even more significant growth for the Internet of things.

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Company and the author of Profits Unlimited, a newsletter dedicated to leading others to great investment potential.

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A Guide To OSI Food Solutions

Whether you call them food providers, or you call them food suppliers, these phenomenal companies truly fuels society. The United States of America is the home to one of the top food providers in the world today, and it’s known as OSI Food Solutions. OSI Food Solutions has graduated from being a butcher shop. As of today, OSI is an international enterprise. In all honesty, it has taken the company 100 years to get to this point. Hard work, dedication and determination has helped to set this company apart from its closest competitors. Innovative technology has also helped to boost its productions across a vast stage.

If you’re someone who has a burning passion for the food service industry, then you should definitely seek employment with OSI. This food giant has numerous openings in administration, management, general utility, forklift operation, production crew supervisory and many more positions. This equal-opportunity workplace doesn’t discriminate against anyone’s religious backgrounds, and it doesn’t discriminate against anyone’s race. One of the best moves that the company has made came in 2016. OSI Food Solutions spent a whopping $17 million to acquire a 200,000 square-foot facility. This facility is located in Chicago, and it’s in close proximity to other OSI plants. OSI decided to keep many of the facility’s employees in the process. As you can see, the company does have a dominating presence, but it’s willing to hold jobs for some of the acquired businesses’ prior employees. That statement actually speaks volumes to a certain degree, especially in today’s struggling job market.

OSI Food Solutions has a very strong presence in China. This company has been conducting business with the Chinese people for two decades. In totality, OSI has an estimated 10 factories in China, and it’s the leading poultry producer in the nation. In Hungary, OSI has made a $25-million addition that has tripled the production of processed chicken to an estimated 22,000 tons.

What You Wanted To Know About Freedom Checks

You’ve been hearing about freedom checks, but what are they? These checks are not government issued checks, and they have nothing to do with tax refunds. With so many rants about investing, and how you can earn the biggest returns, it may all sound like scam to you. Although the world of investing is full of individuals who would love to take advantage of you, you can be rest assured that this is anything but a scam. How so?

As it turns out, Matt Badiali, a gentleman with some background in finance knows a bit about these checks and why they exist. As this experience man tells it, it’s all about following the right steps in order for this to be worth your time and money. The freedom check sensation truly does exist, and it was started by a real man that has put this to the test. What did he do to introduce the world to freedom checks?

As a geologist by trade, Matt had the opportunity to travel the world to meet with people form various companies. He has inspected coal mines and oil fields, and many other sources to learn what he has learned thus far about freedom checks and how they work. Meeting some of the most well-known energy suppliers, he discovered that companies utilizing natural resources can pay dividends to those who invest in the company.

Purchasing shares from specific companies gives you a “partner” status without tax penalty. Thus, when the company profits, they pay you dividends. In other words, you earn return based upon your investment with them and your profits will reflect this. These freedom checks are truly legitimate, they are paid out to you by real companies, and Matt Badiali can prove it with copies of his own.

Although his initial commercials may seem hokey and salesy, it’s often difficult to present a real opportunity like this without being really excited about it. Freedom checks are now better understood and they have gained more traction thanks to Matt Badiali.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Insight

Joint and bone specialist Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum was recently interviewed by, a website that focuses on entrepreneurs and people that are actively trying to change the world and their surroundings. To those who don’t know about him here’s a brief background on what this amazing doctor has done and why they wanted to interview this impressive doctor.

Having received his undergraduate diploma from Brown University, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum then furthered his studies at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and at the Thomas Jefferson University where he continued training on hip and knee replacement and reconstructive surgery, which became his specialty.

His studies and training gave him the ability to become a lecturer, and his desire to be the best made him publish extensively on joint replacement surgery, helping him create major joint replacement systems that are now used by different doctors. His achievements were recognized by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and he has been a member since 1995.

Today Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the Chairman of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System and he has had a noteworthy career with experience in operations leadership, process re-engineering, information technology and innovative design. All of which gave him credibility to be chosen to help WebMD, one of the biggest websites with medical information available to the public, as a Community Health Editor.

In this brief interview, he shared with readers a few things about his day-to-day life as well as what he believes are the key points to his success. He mentions that in order to keep a productive day he tries to stay connected to both peers and administration figures to keep himself both up to date with new procedures and technics as well as having a weekly and monthly goals fresh in mind.

He also briefly touched on how e-books have been one of his best recent expenditures and how he recommends a mix of both non-fiction and fiction books to achieve success in his life.

Wrapping up the interview he pointed out his favorite quotes, or phrases to live by such “Don’t regret where you have been if you like where you are” and the most fitting one to his career “I am not in the business of building a better mousetrap; I’m in the business of catching mice“

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum